Yield Mandate

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YIELD is an anagram for Every Day Is Your Last.

Yield.org's byline is:
If you treated every day as your last,
- what would you know, learn and do
- who would you think about or work with

Disclaimer: The whole concept is strictly bounded by a copy-left licence. No body will EVER be able to use these ideas in a money making venture. We will run on donations like MediaWiki (Wikipedia) and strictly have no ads except internal ones.

As an Organization, we are committed to bringing you the right information to help you declutter your life and find a wholistic approach to living. To help do this, our site will be divided into areas (some backed by projects) that will serve the purposes listed below. Each Idea (item in an area) will be called an Artefact.

All areas will feed off some common topics (categories) and the writeups/primers will be quasi-wiki style, generated by the community. However, final authority on content will lie at our Chief Curator's discretion.

Biblios - Work Publishing Project

A work can be a poem, prayer, letter, treatise, religious text or a book.

Space - Where the ideas come from

Your world - a place to track the movies, books, songs (and quotes therein) etc where the good ideas come from.
This area will also have a topic-wise classification so songs that are taught to children can be covered more systematically.

Follow - Follow the world changers

A place to follow Yogis, Ashrams, Movements and Organizations

Tidbits - pieces of info

Stuff like whats the Holy Trinity, whats the 7 cardinal sins, the roots and branches of Islam, the names of the Pandavas or the Valar.

Growth - Your profile / plan

Find and encourage the people that can make a difference. These can be seekers, or just people tired of the humdrum who are looking for a radical change.

Prescriptions - A forum

We begin with the surmise that every individual or collective problem can be solved by a reinforcement of the Idea from one of our Artefacts.

Speak - Voice your own ideas

For those who have a good following to contribute their own articles either as individuals or as a group.
These articles can be a Mashup of other ideas where artefacts will be embedded Wiki style rather that just appear as footnotes.

Work - Events, Activities and Points

Encourage users to involve themselves in meetings, workshops, acts of service etc.

Stories - Real life incidents

These are stories from real life that can serve as an inspiration to other people. We will not become a news syndication outfit, but only put up the special stuff thats shown to have an impact.

Gists - Video presentations of an Artefact

Like a Book or an Idea, make a presentation (slideshow / video) of it. This is an activity that makes the topic more accessible to all and aids in your Speak abilities.

Still lost? Wait for the Gist to come out :) Or check out our glossary.