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I heard tale long ago of a man with cancer who was given 6 months to live. He decided to go out in a blaze of laughter and locked himself up in a hotel room with jokebooks / comedians and friends - making the most of his time. 6 months later he hadnt kicked it and eventually was cured.

Googling showed me this article which proves that, though the details may be sketchy, so I most certainly am not making a mistake when I say this.

How, we ask, can this happen - endorphins are the key.

When asking does the end justify the means, I say to myself, if this thing cures cancer - bloody hell im gonna laugh any which way I can - slapstick / dry corn / corn on butter / dumbass jokes / sexual and non innuendoes.

I'd like to go the whole gamut - laughing / crying / swearing. I dont care which I do as long as its almost 24 / 7 / 365 / 100. If these things keep death at bay - who says I cant live a 100 years.

I say wit is the key. In this, George Carlin - , the jester-philosopher-poet, reigns supreme.

See an interview, or him on Youtube:

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