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What has America taught the world? Well everything the British left out?
What did the British leave out? Well stuff the Japanese taught us... ad... absurdum...

America taught us
- To love thy rocks and rills, thy woods and templed hills
- as I touch my foot upon this fertile soil, I feel the source of our creation! (jimmy messina / its all right here)
- and to every other beautiful shrine in this world, its the place where religion is so alive and well
- where heroes are born everyday and are proud to be of one higher calling (Green Lantern)

Germany taught us the 95 Theses, and technology, not to mention The Never Ending story or Winds of Change.
TILL TODAY its the cheapest, most beautiful place to live in Europe.

The Scandinavians aren't very far behind, nor the Italians, French or Spaniards nor damned about anyone for that matter.

All of Europe is in fact just an expression of Germanic, Latin and a few harder to find, but rich in the Pagan mythos of life where Vikings, Celts and Druids reigned supreme. The land of Angels and Demons which housed the Gods like Aule and Ulmo - Eru is my God, The Silmarillion is my Bible and Tolkien is my religion!

Rome taught us to live on the dole, no seriously they taught us everything good in politics that Gracchus believed.

How can Lebannon be wrong when its stewards are helping Saudi Arabians in mid-air who dont know a word of english while an Indian stands by and is trying to tell him how much he loves Kahlil [link type=post id=32]Gibran[/link]?

Or Jesusalem, or Kashmir, or Afghanistan, or Pakistan for that matter?
The Jews, with their forbearance and kibbutzes and quaint customs, whove produced the likes of Dan Goldberg and Leon Uris

Last and not least, lets not forget Japan:
- with technology to match the Germans
- Coutesy, courage, harmony and Honour
- Whose lot of Reiki masters would have been lost when they decided to take their own lives rather than be a part, and would not have survived to teach us wholistic healing.

To all those countless bright ones whove paved the way for us with their love and taught us the precepts of wholistic thinking, a treasure not to be lost, forever and ever. Amen