Ode To Monty

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Ode to Monty, by cousin Jupe.
From Monty and Cheyenne, Curious Lives.

Now Monty was born with the wind in his fur,
And a taste of the wild in his eyes.
If you knew him back then, you'd have thought right away
Here's a kit who's uncommonly wise.

His dad was a rancher, his mom was a muse,
Expect an unusual kin.
A wonder with delphins, at home on the plains
And knowing The Way from within.

He grew up a-ridin a ropin' an' such
He grew up a teachin' it too.
And one of his students her name was Cheyenne,
The most beautiful ferret he knew.

The two they were friends from the start, don;t you see,
Two kits of the forest and streams.
The boy wtih the wisdom of nature inside,
The girl with her Hollywood dreams.

They thought right at first that together they'd stay,
Two pals, all that fun - they would share it!
But it happened in time, for some reason and rhyme,
They'd part for a while, and they'd bear it.

So Monty went off to his delphins and range,
Cheyenne to her cameras and stages,
He gave of his heart to perfect what he knew,
She gave of her soul to the ages.

As Miss Jasmine Ferret she won all our hopes,
In her eyes we saw our own yearnings.
We saw her, we loved her - as simple as that,
On the screen we shared her bright learnings.

Now many a kit took wings from her scenes,
Many a high dream wsa founded
On Jasmine's pure vision of what we become
When we know our spirit's unbounded.

The price that she paid to deliver her gift
The price that she paid for her glory
Was loneliness, wishing that Monty were there
To be a dear part of her story.

And as for that ferret adrift on the plains?
As for Monty himself t'was decreed
He'd give to young ferrets all that he knew
Of endurance and power and speed

Of how to bear up when the going get's hard,
Of how to hang on when it's tough,
To care for the ones who're depending on you
To know when enough is enough.

Then one day it happened, a letter from far,
Request that he'd take a strange mission.
The Rainbows from Scotland's chilly Loch Y'ar
All had the same odd ambition:

To live in Montana, they said, to a one,
To see the Wild West and its wonder
To camp out in starlight and moonlight and plain
To camp out in lightning and thunder.

'Twas adventure they sought, those flocks from the Loch,
The wilderness to them was calling,
They offered to trade their fine wool - give it free
In return for a life so enthralling.

So a bargain was struck 'tween Monty and they,
Since t hey so wished for the sport,
He'd show them the life they dreamed of and more,
He'd open a Rainbow Resort!

And open it did, the following Junem
Surrounded by high-plain serenity,
With ranchkits to guide them, and ranchpaws to trust,
And every sheep-wished amenity.

Now rainbows are different, they tend to drift off,
Follow philosophy's quest,
But dangers there are on the plains, in the hills,
They need be careful, lest:

Off the cliffs they tumble and fall,
Off in the rivers they sweep,
Off in the desert they wander at all
Off into caverns, no peep

To be heard, again from those Scots
Who chose high adventure that day,
Who trusted their Monty and threw in their lots
Thinking it all to be play.

So safety's the foremost concern of their host,
Safety and sheep-lovin' fun.
Those ranchkits and ranchpaws they prize the bright wool,
But know commerce is only but one.

Of the elements, part of the deal
They entered with Monty that day,
The others were learning, adventure, and growth,
For sheep now embarked on The Way.

Sheep-whisperer, they called him, because of the sense
Monty had, his knowledge of animals' thought...

[Poem interrupted by Violet, Jupe and the rest run to Dakota's rescue]

Having climbed certain peaks, we descend no more, but spread our wings and fly beyond.