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In our [link type=post id=156]as yet unborn organization[/link] is a place for people trying to improve their Quality of Life either by seeking solutions (Users) or being Auto Correcting (Players) and Giving Souls (Pillars).

In our self diagnosis, we have 5 concentric circles viz Me, We Family, Work, Work Related and the Whole World. We draw upon different disciplines to distil the most valuable learning. Also useful are the FEPSI cycles that bind and govern us and our moods. FEPSI -> Financial, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Intellectual - yes Intellect be damned if none of the others (on a Global Front) are addressed first!

We have internet citations and our Pillars will contribute learning from our Mentors and Influencers, making it public knowledge. Healers and Parents will help Victims (mostly of our own thought / making) and help us learn forgiveness, positivism and mindfulness as we all learn to embrace and enjoy life to the full!

[link type=post id=182]Our players[/link] will contribute their time, thoughts and resources in a pay-it-forward manner. The YM Favour Bank will operate in your currency, to your taste. I may charge a reader 5 Ducks, INR (pay it forward) or a software freebie may be 25 Hard Ducks, USD (looking for Returns on Investment). DO NOT empty your pockets, especially toward us, rather open your hearts to the (sometimes hapless) souls that co-inhabit our Mother Earth.

Please continue respecting the copy-leftedness of any of the content on this blog, and everyone's right to have Anonymity Guaranteed. Do take our Yield More Family offline - to parents, elders, non privileged and the houseless (not homeless).

Feel free to curate anything or make a suggestion by writing to (meaning Good Water - one of Centaine's sons in Wilbur Smith's Courtney series). Kindly remember to make gists (text / audio / video) and send us the links, especially to anything you feel passionate about!