Qgen Code Generator

post_id: 53 / post_date: 2011-06-11

QGen is a rapid code generator I've been developing since 2007.

I've used it in 5 real time projects and found the enhanced productivity a boon.


Compared to T4

Advantage: Visibility of Data. I can never stress this too much. Its especially helpful in multi layer applications where entity design keeps evolving. In T4, you have to navigate all over the place to regenerate stuff. tt / ttinclude files look horrible unless you find / buy a good syntax highlighter for it.


Include / exclude in visual studio with its source control implication.

Can't run c# code or load stuff from database.

I will try and putup screenshots, and discuss some aspects of the code later.

2014 Update:

You can see it in action here:

or the new one here