Yield Channels

post_id: 181 / post_date: 2013-12-14

1) One World, Gaia and Feminism

Feminists, Statesmen, Mothers, Beacons and Historical Figures

2) Wholistic Loving, Parenting and Animal Husbandry

Healers, Caregivers, Obstetricians and Delivery Managers

3) Supermen and Superwomen

Heroes, Players, Dharmists and Lawkeepers

4) Harbingers of the Dawn of Tomorrow

Builders, Architects and Engineers

5) The Garden of the Prophet

Artists, Poets, Zenith Climbers and Bees of Flow

6) Deep Space Explorers and Otters of the Universe

Intrepid Aviators, Explorers, Cartographers, Jedis

7) Shangri-la, courtesy The Eagles

Philanthropists, Humanitarians, Utopians

8) Metaphysicists of Quality, Revolvers

Motocyclists, Mechanics, Tinkers and Scientists

9) Faith can move mountains, woods and templed hills

Gamers, Radioheads, Progressive Rock n Rollers

10) Brothers Keepers, Company Men and Flower Children

Pacifists, Forbeareres, Children of Lesser Gods
islamists: peace, security, education and love

11) Educators

Teachers, Fathers, Founders, Engine Drivers

12) Yogis and Bright Ones, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient

Illuminati, Freemasons, Druids and Elves, Cosmic Fathers and Creatrixes