Love Thy Self

post_id: 125 / post_date: 2013-03-18

What is love, what if God was one of us. What if God were stuck in a corner of his own fencing and needed a hand?

What of the Gods? What of the God in man? Why anger, indignation, bitterness, frustration, ill-will, emptiness, spite. Not born of callousness and indifference, but of love unrequited and rejected.

Of long ago mishaps and chances lost. Of abominations committed by the callous and grudges borne. Now the world is gone I'm just one, oh please God help me^1. Help me lift the jaded view of the world, lift the cesspool out of the sparkling mountain water and see it for what it is. Forgive my fellow man our differences, for he knows not even that there is a way. Forgive me my misdirected hatred of him, and my inability to love him, yes every last one of him. Demons, daisies, all borne of the same Ultimate, heading back to the sublime.

What are the values? Consideration, non aggression, nonviolence, benevolence, inclusion, acceptance, kindness, hope, endurance, self-forgiveness, direction, insight, wisdom and its application. What makes a good value? Anything that increases our love for the universe. What the bad? Anything that breeds negativity, dislike, self aggrandizement.
Is there no cure for poverty of the spirit? Or self-loathing? Or chronic depression?

What if God was one of us? What if God was inside us? Desperate to come out? Why do we cling on to pain so much? Whoever said self immolation was the way and that walking around with cloven spirit was the right thing to do.

Reach out and touch something and say I love you. Start with the mirror and then across the dining table. In their well being and prosperity alone lies my happiness^2. Something good in everything I see^3.

1 - One - Metallica
2 - Indian National Pledge
3 - I have a dream - Westlife