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Intensely fond of animals, I have somehow come to notice that the good guys usually condemn the tree huggers (or in this case chicken huggers).

Also, that sometimes that we are so caught up in latching on to some new fad that we forget to think. What happens then is we find ourselves with strong convictions except we havent the foggiest answer to these simple questions - why (am i) who (am i) how (am i).

I think Carlin had it right... the planet is fine...

I'm an occasional non-vegetarian. No leather except for a wallet change every 10 years or so.

So why this outburst?


Today on facebook, I came across a link that said - whale season has just begun - sign this petition to Obama NOW!

And the link said it would be sent a whole year from now... So what happens to all this year's whales? Oh thats was what we were petitioning for last year! Some clueless kirkless f**l somewhere I guess!

Hope some of the Clarkson Sarcasm has rubbed off from yesterday!

Since my petition won't be read until a whole 360 days from now. Thought I'll say it here:

"I Support Obama's Fight Against Whaling"

(fine print: I'll support Obamas fight a year from now... 'cause I'm spineless to do anything about it on my own).

Someone there had an interesting notion, it ran:

"It's not easy to deny a whaler his livelihood - so ask these petitioners what they will do to support that man! "

Animal Rights

Watching a flame war brewing recently, I silently made these note:

"Why talk of humane ways to kill animals when whats killing them in the first place is overpopulation. We dont need chickens in millions if there werent people dislodging other people by the 10s of millions.

I see people talk about the sanctity of being vegan and being sweet to animals and then go about and have 3-4 kids and 8-10 grandkids. What sense in that?"

"Whats the sense in asking that animals die a painless death! Sounds like someones skeered o bein' judged in the afterlife and wants animals to have the same hangover. I would rather a relatively painless way to die."

"Brutal slaying is what people with a way-for-words have been doing to us since the beginning of time. Slaying our beliefs, slaying our freedoms, slaying our conscience, slaying our family... killing me softly."

And I just love this quote: "Man's still an ape. His creed still a totem
pole. When he first achieved the upright position he took a look at
the stars... thought they were something to eat. When he couldn't
reach them, he thought they were groceries belonging to a bigger


Someone beautifully pointed out that it was easy to say "be vegan" but when you were a single mother with kids to feed, it wasnt all that cheap / easy. Love you!

Some a** pointed out that veganism was quite cost effective if you budgetted it properly - Hey, dumba** were talkin about people with hardly enough money for shelter / food here. Budgetting my foot (to your butt).

Besides - whats Veganism to a man who firmly believes that plants are NO LESS living creatures! Substituting one form or mass murder for genocide.

Think like Kahlil Gibran - "every time you kill / consume - submit yourelf for consumption by a higher force." Then animal / plant / cannibalism - it doesnt matter!

Do unto others...reminds me - were all hiding behind veganism because we  dont want to be / have our kids affected by the thought of slaughter! Every decade or so, someone should be man enough to compile the top X words that cannot be spoken.


Especially online where talk is CHEAP, dont talk just to be heard! (the why part of my earlier question)

I also heard these beautiful words recently: "If you cant / wont fix it then shut the fuck up!"

On that note, I will!