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I think not! Reminders to show us how were all the same and there is nothing to fight about.

Keeping the examples short turned this into free cerse. Will try to better the rhythm.

Since we fight mostly over religion, culture, gender, status thats where these coincidences will lie.


My name is Imran, my initials are Ian and my grandfather's name ended in Ram. My family is from Iran, have lived centuries in India and my heart is Pagan.

Sivaram wasn't a Shai'vite he believed in ALL, his name just happened to be a mix of gods of 2 warring hindu factions. Warring not physically - but psychlogically.

For Muslim's there isn't that much peace though the world is a better place for sufi's like Gibran and martyr's like Hussain. But still we quarrel and quarrel. In spite of Islam meaning simply "PEACE" and saying loudly "Surrender to the will of god", we question the will that many are born infidels and pagans around us.

Were in such a hurry to "establish Namaz" and make everyone "born again" that we forget the meanings and teachings of the people we claim to revere. This hurry is because we think there is only one life. There isn't and heaven and hell are simply what we make of this life. Our actions have repercussions and we've only be warned - put good deeds away like money in a bank and sow not discord lest it to ye be returned.

Christians Moslems and Jews come from the same history with many of the same teachings. We all believe in a day of judgement but thats only for the fool above. We want to judge our neighbours today and have our pounds of flesh. In this respect, Hindus, pagans and buddhists are better. Knowing the intrinsic cannibality of people, they openly oppose all forms of intolerance and non-vegetarianism.

Fools that we are for the practices we establish, not striving to see their meanings, we uphold vegetarianism and other forms of refinement, but turn on our own people, species, genus and (animal) kingdom like savages.

Hinduism teaches that even the rocks have life. And scientists are reaching and finding that yes, all matter is actually energy - suddenly that crazy notion springs to life. In a desperate plea to religion for the freedom to think, none can beat Tracy begging for us to be given the same rights as a stone.

The good lord said you could always seek forgiveness. And after you die, other people could pray for you. When he can give us so many chances and we after all are created in his image, why then can't we save our judgement for ourselves in the hopes that one day we too may soar to new heights.

Indians are likened to a basket of crabs trying not to let the other climb out. I say to ye, its religion and patriotism that taght us all this. Wary should ye be lest you be labelled "disgruntled crab in a basket" for blindly following dishonest preachers and politicians and being led astray.

If as Bach says - your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness, then pray listen to it carefully. And Carlin says be honest and faithful and try real hard not to kill anyone - in body, spirit status and mind.

Pondering why Jesus was my favorite - 'twas because he cared not for the form his entourage took but stuck simply to action for the sake of the few people he might free. I liken this to kriya which in Hinduism means to do and derives from "kr" - which sounds a lot like "Chr"ist doesnt it?

Kolsten unearthed a truth - so proud of the aeroplane, we cant believe that the world was as small a place then and that Jesus lived in India and that is where the Tomb of Solomon (Sulaiman) is.

Speaking of advances, they believe there has never been a nuclear war. I say ye be fair - Simply see the Mahabharath to know its all happened afore.