War For Peace

post_id: 8 / post_date: 2008-12-27

- An intended contradiction in a fight to regain our collective sanity.
- Quest to find the middle-and-sane ground on this "war on terror"

As this war where the enemy is trying to rob us of our sanity enfolds, it is necessary for us to rally our forces and act as ONE.

I have a sensible friend with an audience and he needs more verbal counter-ammunition.

This is an Open Forum for anyone to reply with anecdotes like the ones below.
Contributors with ideas just reply and you will be quoted as the ideas grow.

Indian Muslim in Bangalore gets arrested for having archives of terrorist activity on his computer
Hindu Citizen wants to start a procession of non-muslims saying "arrest us" because world over were all talking / collecting notes about it
Another Sane Muslim is inspired with hope and starts a "war for peace" to fight those moneygrubbers who have declared a "war on terror".

Anti Propaganda
Ignorant Indian circulating about how papers in Pakistan are saying that by 2020, Maharashtra will be Pakistan!
Muslim forwardee replies that this "propaganda" is deliberately intended to start a war to make the powers above richer (and us poorer / dead).
All recipients see the light and global war is averted.

Nations of fools are talking about and exploring the options of war.
One newsman points out that when both sides have nuclear capability, its all a MOOT exercise (a legal concept of "not actionable").
The reader realizes its just the war-economy trying to drum up more business.