Need to make a website? Whether its a simple portfolio or an ecommerce store, or a highly customized wordpress site, we can help you. Our MicroVC works for simpler sites and we incorporate a great splash experience.

That’s all the websites we’ve made, apart from which is Open Source, along with our WordPress Plugins. We also can make Mobile Apps, initiate and run Marketing and Digital Marketing campaigns, do copy writing & help put your Organization on the map.

What We Do

We offer wide spectrum services which are cost effective and remarkable. Our CORE Team’s talents are diverse and complement each other well.


Cselian Tech, founded by Imran in 2005, is not a company, its a network of talented and passionate people working to usher your business / social venture into a new age of productivity and online presence.


Mail us at or simply call for:

  • Websites and Software
    Imran 9566166880 / 9841223313 (WhatsApp)
  • WordPress + PHP
    Srini 9740910910
  • Digital Marketing and Mobile Apps
    Avinash 8015473623