Out Of The Blue

post_id: 89 / post_date: 2011-09-14

Somewhere deep within us is a fount of love and longing. A longing to fulfil many inner desires. Cravings for things to do, ideas to share, places to go, hurdles to overcome and joys to find.

Sometimes we meet a body and that fount is released. We find our hearts lightened, our inner desires coming to the fore, our resolve braced, our spirit soaring. We find the strength to face our destiny, the courage to ask for happiness.

A moment's thought for those who have not this special gift, but unable to keep ourselves from our happiness, we delight to throw ourselves to this exploration of our deepest desires, this letting go of all restraint, ecstatic to be a part of someone elses life, knowing that we have touched them in quite the same way as they us.

Love racing forward to some pre-ordained destination. We live in the glow of our lover, our spirits entwined, giving our dreams reign, fulfilling all our heart's desire.

A bond forged, a gauntlet thrown, we see ourselves fast changing, losing inhibitions, daring to wrest from life every last desire that would make us complete again. We dare again to live our dreams and watch helpless as this love runs it's course.

Spent at the end, we fall back to complacency, lose our pluck and let the humdrum bog us down. But we never forget the feeling and brave our hearts against the winter, knowing that spring shall come and our spirits soar again with the eagles.

Time and again we've watched our soul break out, unfettered and complete, to explore a new joy, forgetful of our weariness and grateful to have know if only for a time, the heights to which a seagull can reach.