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* Conception: 15th October 2013 (30th bday)
* Gestation Period: 10 Months

Play Begins: Week of Nov - Dec
Beta Ready: 22nd December 2013 (13th year in the Art of Programming)
Cross-Geographic Chapter Launch: Feb 2nd week
European Chapter Launch: Feb 21st
First Abrahamic-Oriental-Pagan dialogue, Beta2: March 22nd (equinox)
Spokesperson: [link type=post id=170]Sophia[/link]
Marketing, Easter egg Hunt: April 1
Inclusion of Artists and Secondary Channels (Iranian Chapter etc): May 12th (Carlin)
Engineering, Flying and Children: May last week
Unlock the treasures in Space, a gift of wings (to the adults): June 23rd
Care and OLD age, American Chapters: July 4th
Children. Music and Animals: Aug 11th (Blyton)
Intercommunal dialogues etc: Aug 14th
Global Launch, Pillar Meetup and Player Party: Aug 15th
---- A healthy baby girl is born ----
Parenting and Childhood dreams: Sep 1st week
World Peace, 2017 WWI Commemoration plans: October 15th
What we all need: Nov 1st week
Critical Mass, Budgetary balance, 100 Pillars: Dec 25th
Eagle, Tiger and Lion: Jan 3rd (Tolkien)

Previous Iterations:
- 2004 [link type=post id=113][/link], first 2 children
- 2007 3rd child and thirst for fathering
- 2008 ITCO From the ground UP
- 2009 The Wheel
- 2011 [link type=post id=85][/link]