Perfect Harmony The Co Operative That Delivers Quality

post_id: 9 / post_date: 2008-12-30

Sound too cliché? I guarantee you its not! Its about a movement that's trying to get going on this website. This posting is only the initial plan on paper.

There are enough managers, teachers, students, professionals and people I know of who think along these same lines to think that I stand alone. It happens every now and then that people who are very tired of hogwash, smart enough to understand what's really important - PEOPLE - and individualistic enough to build / support an environment that nurtures this kind of growth.

We're not resources, were HUMAN

HR as a discipline, propagates a way of thinking and doing things that only serves to systematically dissolve of our individuality, creativity, responsibility and willingness to promptly act. There are exceptions I understand but world over, all of us are in one way or another, caught up in industrial and economic machinery.

Praise for Inspiration

I'd like to sum this up in Alan Cooper's own words: "We build Wal-Marts and watch our cities die. We build customer relationship management software that alienates our customers. In software the forest of what is really wanted is often hidden by the trees of technical trivia. Software design is not pure engineering, though engineering is one of the legs of the tripod. It's about solving human problems. You have to understand the human side of things."

In paraphrasing a review of Bill Creech's novel: 'The five Pillars of Total Quality Management', I quote: "The way Creech got everybody involved by creating leaders and giving ownership at EVERY level during his turnaround of Tactical Air Command allowed him to take full advantage of the vast resources and ingenuity in his huge organization. His leadership of this monumental effort caught on like a religious revival."

You will see this entire revolution unfolding if you have read Tom Clancy's Every Man a Tiger: "... because its object is not simply to dramatize armed conflict but to relate the life lessons of his source, jet-pilot-turned-Desert-Storm-air-commander General Chuck Horner". I especially loved the ending where Chuck Horner simply moves on and assumes CINCSPACE yet again trying to subdue the "fighter-jocks" ego with his applause for the men and women who drive satellites. Jocks comparable to our more arrogant Leads and PM's of today.

The Plan

I still believe in the counter-revolution. I see enough examples in the people around me. With the network I hope to have here, we should be platform independent and trying to build a contact base of quality-conscious and people-minded professionals who just want to deliver. Wanting is the important part. By meeting like-minded people in our forums and joining with them, maybe you can get a move ahead. The forum that should exist here would someday have regular meetings, workshops, career counselling cells, a newsletter etc.

An informal talent pool, I am hoping that we can attract managers, mentors and sponsors that I / we know and turn this forum into a fertile breeding ground - for ideas, people and companies. Though no ordinary BE (Electrical and Electronics) graduate, I presently work in IT and am trying to get people into open source things and to build and join COE's / Labs / Tech Forums in their own companies. Any place to join the good fight - the fight for knowledge, the fight to become better, be recognized for it and to learn to stand strongly on our own to feet and give back to the system(s) that's been supporting us all our lives long.

In simple terms, we strive to align these groups of people in a way that promotes maximum mutual benefit - clients, companies, professionals, their families and society.

Keeping it alive

I'll be back in a while with a little more. If you'd like to be a part, leave an anonymous message with your name, email and a brief description of what you do.