Elephants Ants And Mountains

post_id: 20 / post_date: 2009-01-27

Make peace not war!

BUILD - for selves, children, family, country, and the inner spirit who so lovingly puts us in communion with god. Build / learn / explore while in kindergarten, school, college, work, running a family, looking after our teams, companies and societies. Build for your country and your invisible man! Busy as ants, BUILD like theres no tomorrow. "I fear tomorrow I'll be crying" - Epitaph by King Crimson

BUILD for your SELVES! Build for your LOVED ONES! Build for your UNIVERSE! Build as ONE!

Read "The Fifth Mountain" by Paolo Coelho, see Evan Almighty. BUILD like Bill Gates (TODO: Link to actual organisation).

Will be back with more on elephants, molehills, revolutions and revolutions-within-revolution. and some inspiration on reducing the gap and creating a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. Shortly.

Revolution: Loosely means - re-evolving. or simply "Learning to Fly". A concept you learn quite simply as a kid in kindergarten.

Do it simply as Spartacus and the Colonial Cousins put it! Do it AS ONE!

Its never too late to reform. Allah grants us until the very end of our lifetimes. And then allows loved ones to sue on our behalves for pardon. That is the single most beautiful rule in The Book. It negates the need to fear hell and eternal damnation. Remember - like there is no tomorrow. And our only chance if we miss it in this lifetime is to leave behind loved ones - not just family, but like Industrialists and Philanthropists and even Prophets sometimes do!