What Is Yield

post_id: 161 / post_date: 2013-11-20

Still unclear? even after looking at everything below?

This is the 3 line version:
preserving whats good for us to pass on to our children
in terms of good movies and reads, good ideas and prescriptions to problems
taking us to that future painted so well in star trek

yieldmore.org will be an online website where content comes from users and will fall into the areas mentioned in the [link type=post id=130]Mandate[/link].

Think of it as being AS BIG AS DEAL as wikipedia was 15 years ago, as we continue to [link type=post id=148]stand on the shoulders[/link] [link type=post id=163]of giants[/link]

It needs speakers who are parents, worker bees, industry leaders, artists, spiritual leaders, world changers in any way / form - anyone who is trying to preserve some wholistic piece of information / poem / art work for our children and their children's children. This can take the form of movie references (Space), e-copy of a work (Biblios), blog article (Speak) or Prescription (a flowchart that helps people solve personal / relationship / societal problems).

Types of Family Members:
Pillars - these form the core of the team.
Players - these contribute items to space, act as moderators on the forums, spread the message and sometimes talk as well.
Speakers - people with an existing public image who can duplicate content on our speak channels / write stuff for us
Ambassadors - who represent us in interacting with other organizations / fundraisers etc
Volunteers: Developers / Beta Testers / Biblios content uploaders etc

And yes, at some point we wish for
- A Yield endorsed curriculum to be taught in schools (as music / moral science or just english lessons)
- Biblios to be so simple volunteers / visitors can add content themselves
- Prescriptions to be flowcharts that are engineered online instead of hand crafted html / text based
- A proper place for acts of charity (Seva)
- A place for life coaches, healers, doctors etc to share their learnings without holding back
- A place to find advocates and donors for the *free our treasures* movement.