Censorship Static Vs Dynamic Quality

post_id: 153 / post_date: 2013-11-11

This humble message of Imam Husain (AS) is being enchased by Mr. Kalim Shaikh and being used as an entertainment feature for the public where the roles of the Holy warriors of Imam Husain (AS) are being played by the actors of Bollywood.

Dear Reader,

I'm a writer and theologian myself, so in response to this attempt at censorship, here is my take.

I have had similar reasons to ban other sacred material being dramatized and adapted in the past, but I believe in the growing proof of maturity among the world community.

This question arises every time a good solid moral book or story is made into a movie - the fact is The Movie never does justice to it and the message is ALWAYS diluted. To make matters worse, some elements are deliberately corrupted and commercialized.

BUT, BUT, BUT, do believe in the growing maturity of the audience - Only 15 years ago everyone laughed at Jimmy Wales when he said: An encyclopaedia written by the people that anyone can change, even anonymously.

Jesus Christ Superstar, the musical, was practically heresy 40 years ago - but it has proven its timelessness, and how many true Christians today look up to it as a source of inspiration and revelation as they explore their faith and love for Christ?

If you investigate the metaphysics of quality, you will come to understand that a movie like this is an example of dynamic quality while what we, the system is trying to preserve is static quality. God does not play dice with the universe, the outcome is always guaranteed.

Just as Allah created the world in 7 days, it sometimes means that we need to give time for his Lila to become evident. Let's suppose the movie is made - it helps the world look at the situation in a new light (for many, for the first time). Rather than cloud the issue with censorship, we need to allow them the freedom to choose and respond, as we respond by trying to better explain the actual facts to the same audience who, now interested, starts looking at us, the community to shed a different perspective than the one portrayed for cinema.

Respond, don't react. Love thy neighbour! Do not judge him - learn to trust him. God made us ONE WORLD, let us not spit in His eye and fight over nothing.

Ameen, Amen, Hari Om

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