7 Quiz Web App

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[tab: Quiz]

Written in June 2008, this application shows multiple choice questions. See the code overleaf.

The input radio controls are NOT runat=server so "qst" + questionNr is used.

The questions are stored in a sqlite db. The answer is inline with the question, which uses a placeholderĀ [options]. For ex:

We would study English if we [go | would go | will go | went] to England.

When submitting, feedback on each question is given for ex:

Wrong! You gave 'would go' but Correct Answer is 'went '.

[tab: aspx]

[iframe src="http://cselian.com/d/code/serve.php?file=./pp/7/Test.aspx"]

[tab: aspx.vb]

[iframe src="http://cselian.com/d/code/serve.php?file=./pp/7/Test.aspx.vb"]

[tab: Question]

[iframe src="http://cselian.com/d/code/serve.php?file=./pp/7/Question.vb"]

[tab: Sql Helper]

[iframe src="http://cselian.com/d/code/serve.php?file=./pp/7/SQLHelper.vb"]