Remembering The Masons

post_id: 22 / post_date: 2009-02-26

"Nick Mason is the drummer of Pink Floyd and the only member to have remained in the group for its entire existence"

Drumming was my first love. It gave passion to my life. Touched a chord.  Made my senses reel!

Then growing up my next biggest fan was Jughead - he always marched to a different beat!

Then in 2008, I met (and sang in front of) a drummer who re-inforced some truths I had ALWAYS known - drummers are the masters of rhythm! Without them, the songs are aimless.... They are unsung heroes of the music world.

Artists who see all (and strife) and still persist with the belief in those he plays with(for) - "and all these dreams are swept aside... and history hides the scars of our civil lives!"

"forward he cried from the rear and the front rank SOARED!"

Such is Mason. Nick Mason! - my many thanks for playing so hard and so long with everyone and keeping the ship afloat! ("I want to give it all")

Wish they were here - running over the same old ground - how weve remembered the same old tears!


A movement is accomplished in six stages. And the seventh brings return!

It forms when darkness is increased by one!