Kahlils Plea

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from Kahlil the Heretic.

Nov 2013: Also see the whole Forerunner - kind of like [link type=post id=38]Rand's[/link] [link type=post id=105]Fountainhead[/link].

Listen to us oh Liberty and hear us.
From the Nile to the Euphrates.. hands are stretched to you..

Until when shall we bear the scorn of ages? Many a yoke has been placed on our necks. Until when shall we bear this human outrage?
The Egyptian slavery, the Babylon Exile, the tyranny of Persia, the despotism of the Romans, and the greed of Europe. Into whose hands are we to fall, and when will death come and take us, so we may rest at last?

Until when shall we continue weaving silk for our lords while we wear naught except tatterd swaddles? Through their wickedness we were divided amongst ourselves. They armed the Druze to fight the Arab, stirred the Shiite to attack the Sunnite, encouraged the Kurdish to butcher the Bedouin and cheered the Mohammedan to dispute with the Christian. Until when shall a brother continue killing his own brother upon his mother's bosom?

Until when shall the cross be kept apart from the crescent before the eyes of God?

Oh Liberty, awaken but one heart with the rustlings of thy wings, for from one cloud alone comes the lightning which illuminates the pits of the valleys and the tops of the mountains. Disperse with thy power these black clouds and descend like thunder and destroy the thrones which were built upon the bones and skulls of our ancestors.