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Keep following your highest sense of right (Curious Lives by Richard Bach).
You can only teach us best what you most need to learn for yourself (paraphrased).

Some of us love where you go. Remember the trip is still worthwhile even if its only for you.
Don't worry about bad reviews. We respect your sincerity and it will catch on soon enough!

Write / Direct / Act / Shoot / Edit / Produce if you have to. I pray it never comes to that but be like Van Gogh / Michelangelo / Tolstoy (frugal) if you have to. Remember, as i try to, that our inspiration comes from love and understanding, laughter and tears and the only way to constantly remind ourselves is to not allow our lives to get complicated. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Frugality again!

If you've ever read Wilbur Smith / Louis L'Amour, I'd suggest you see "Australia" and try and work / talk to the writer / cast / crew. Inspired by that wonderful labour of love, Im sure this song I'm singing will reach you somehow.

Dont worry, the people / things will always turn up in the right place at the right time. My promise to you!

Its like a beacon of light shining between your eyes. Dont ever let any of your fellow creatures slow you down. I like watching your story unfold. Keep up with the easter eggs and feel free to play larger roles yourself in the moview. Your better than you think! id like to see more children too. They may be harder to find but once on the set its wonderful to follow their magic / energy.

I'll wrap up with a few thoughts about your movies that I have seen. I hope this letter inspires others like many people have inspired me!

Lady In the Water
Wonderful struggle about your own character. The Audacity to Hope:). Sometimes it's a lot clearer when a little boy tells you what you may one day become. I liked the fantasy and the tangentialisms too. 'Twas a good cast! Hope you always choose people who love the characters and the journeys they all share in making the movie. Would love to talk about the fantasy that inspires you.

The Happening
I read the secret life of plants and believe in Baxter / Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose living breathing body of work. You just proved that its right for me to keep believing! I like to think of the world as my garden just like I dont have pets because my love is for all flora and fauna. Love is freedom. The bird is always free to fly.

Samuel shouldn't have been brought to justice. What use is all that love. There are other ways to reform him. This one is plain harsh! Bruce should make amends and have the balls to make him an ally himself instead of leaving him to "correctional facilities". Why can't we call a spade a spade and refer to them as prisons anymore. Its no less confining for the bloody change in name. But we can leave that for part three!

I will try to see / feel more of your work. Till then I'm gonna keep trying to work on my own.

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