post_id: 34 / post_date: 2011-04-15

What is the purpose of experience? To remind us of who we are.

Why do we choose hardship. So in the end, we can wonder that we can still remain in essence what we were. That nothing really changes. Good is still good and all the illusions can be forgotten.

What part of us evolves? The part that recognises us for what we are and that can render an impartial judgement on our actions. Why is impartial important? Because we are so unforgiving with ourselves. Why is that? Because we feel the world is in essence stacked against us and that being especially harsh with ourselves is the only way to survive.

What is the way to the path of healing? To forget our criticism, always looking at things slanted. To live in joy and peace. To assimilate each experience in the spirit in which it was intended. Understanding our limitations and being more tolerant of them. For have we not come a long way from inanimation and isnt it still a long way to the sublime?

What then is the purpose of joy? If suffering were indeed meant to carve a way for our soul to follow. Then joy must be the direct result of that suffering. A way to alleviate the spirit of its woes. To remind it of its true indestructible, indomitable nature. To glory and peace and love.