Free Our Treasures

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Dear Christopher Tolkien, Richard Bach et al.

I'm a curious mix - body of a [link type=post id=129]Moslem[/link], mind of a Hindu, heart of a [link type=post id=153]Christian[/link]. I recently turned 30 and came to visit America, and found myself pregnant with a [link type=post id=130]healthy baby girl[/link], [link type=post id=156]due for delivery[/link] [link type=post id=107]August 15th 2014[/link].

[link type=post id=159]Fostered with love[/link] by my [link type=post id=127]Fellow Americans[/link], I wish to make known [link type=post id=159]my trinity[/link] - [link type=post id=120]Aurobindo[/link], [link type=post id=58]JRR[/link] [link type=post id=110]Tolkien[/link], and [link type=post id=12]George Carlin[/link]. Fantastic fertilizer for [link type=post id=73]ripe minds[/link]. I've come to know them intimately, since about the same year I was introduced to [link type=post id=7]Curious Lives[/link]

All the characters of Curious Lives have a special message, but following the progression, and re-reading it a 100 times has largely contributed to the FOCUS of Yield - live every day like it's your last and make sure to pass something GOOD on to our children. I'm indebted to Stormy and Strobe for that, and shall keep whittling away at the [link type=post id=148]core of me[/link]., internalizing the YIN + YANG until [link type=post id=164]Tracey comes along and this cuckoo has really flown[/link]. 30 and aligning to YIELD leaves me with very little time to [link type=post id=128]make the most of it[/link] and leave behind a [link type=post id=126]consecrated church[/link].

How did we build the pyramids? Patricia Cori likes to think we went the Green Lantern route. I once again refer to us [link type=post id=148]standing on the shoulders of giants[/link]. My [link type=post id=159]earliest known giants[/link] were Chit and Vixen, not to mention Illusions, Prophet and Seagull. So I think of Bach and [link type=post id=32]Gibran[/link] as the beings [link type=post id=159]before the Trinity[/link] - truly the Forerunners.

Dead set against crossing the line, I have unfortunately made slight of it, but more as an experiment with technology and strictly subject to FAIR USE.

While on the subject, I firmly believe in the Gospel of that Lady in Black, and thought I firmly believe in the principle of The Company You Keep, I also strongly believe we have evolved enough as [link type=post id=165]2014-18 approaches[/link], to never set foot on that path again. The battle is within, that's where the Kurukshetra always was!

This will never be for the money, rather rely on donations, volunteers, players and docets, so I strongly URGE you to help unlock the treasures in Space and truly set them free.