For Imran to run a "proprietorship" in "trust" for a "Core Team", that will form the basis of future conscious businesses, sharing profits equally after remunerations for time/efforts/ideas are made.

Why We Exist

We want teammates, upto 20 in number, who have a preference for helping individuals, small &/ conscious businesses, charities and communities. Treating ourselves, co-workers, clients and the world community with care, we help others increase their ability to self advocate, share ideas and support one another.

Our Collective Future

We envision a world where a whole generation of youngsters and forward thinking people serve in small teams (like ours) to promote and magnify the ideas that are going to be the very bedrock on which our future is built.

We want hands on consultants to own their chosen domain, for programmers to explore the subject of their "clients" and to work side by side with copywriters and graphic designers feeling deeply vested in the outcome of the cause of business they serve.

Old Links:
Pre 2021:
  1. 2013 - Port my .net apps to C# (FTPSync, IViewer)
  2. 2011 - Book Publishing as precursor to YM (I learn php)
  3. 2005 - Imran's College Portfolio (VB6 / Electronics / Embedded)
  4. 2001 - IVY's Angelfire Site (html / VB6 / games and apps)
  5. 1998 - Digital Circuits (foray into electronics age 15)

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