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We are an IT Consulting and Training company with a plethora of verticals and decades of experience.

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Website Design

Stand Out Online
Elegant and Rich Websites either in Wordpress or our own Magique CMS. We offer a first discussion freely where we educate you on all facets of web dynamics, content creation and web marketing.

IT Training

Inspired Working

IT Architecture

Excellent Projects
Consult in .Net / PHP and Java

Evolving Sunlight

Team Dynamics and Skill Density Building
A Professional Development service for IT and mainstream companies

Our Portfolio

See below this tip of the Iceberg
The conventional site on why choose us, what we offer etc

Interview Series

Reflect on Everything
Making Leads and Employees think how to work with utmost enthusiasm

Public Interest Network

Dare we Dream?
To promote various programs, people, services and content of use to the general public.

Learn from Code

.Net / PHP / Winforms / Microframeworks and past Products like e-vend
A link to all our source code over 20 years is given for the student, programming enthusiast or someone curious to see the kinds of lines buzzing around inside a cpu

Imran Ali Namazi

With oodles of experience, Imran brings the right mix of attention to detail, inspiration and innovative thinking to the challenges posed by companies using technology. With nearly 20 years hands-on with development, you can see how his windows apps, websites and open source software have set him apart.
CV / Freelance Profile.

Sundaram Padmanabhan

Sundaram has worked with large teams handling a variety of roles and has spent some years living in America when he was working for MPhasis. His is the perfect mix of Architecture, LEAN Development and entrepreneurship. He has good vision and is great at building relationships with clients and mentoring youngsters.