1. Effort x Value = Remuneration for that Individual (for that type of work done). Ideas can have an initial value and it's value can be updated as the project enters predetermined phases. This value to be encashed at the end of each phase / pro rata at the time of Termination.

  2. Revenue - Operations = Income If Income < Remuneration, remuneration is paid first (in ratio of total value to efforts put in) until we are break even. This also, done monthly.

  3. When Income > Remuneration, 20% is kept for plough back (reserve) and remaining is distributed equally by all who are on the rolls, to be paid out every month.

  4. Fully Committed - while this doesn't mean full time, and in some cases, persons may wish to remain anonymous, fully committed means they have spend atleast 2 weeks actively contributing and thats their "Date of Joining".

  5. Termination - If 1 lakh is reserve at the time that someone wants out, we factor in months spent to arrive at an exit bonus. If 6 members "fully committed" have together spend X say 30 months with us and the person exiting has spend Y say 10 months with us, then X/Y or 10 / 30 of the reserve is paid out to him or her. Further commissions for ideas / bankrolling ONLY to be given after exit.

  6. Not break even at time of Termination. Money to be paid within 6 months. Or half by 12 months, after which its written off.

  7. Expenses, Essentials and Advances - to be handled on a per case basis by majority vote of the entire team except the one requesting it. If deadlocked at 50% vote, the case is passed.

  8. Bonus amount - This to accrue as "remuneration pending" based on worth of the individual's contribution / ideas.

  9. Pre Payback Termination - If X joins tomorrow and receives Y hours of training from the Team in total - they owe back that many hours billable / in exchange for their time before they are fully out.

Old Links:
Pre 2021:
  1. 2013 - Port my .net apps to C# (FTPSync, IViewer)
  2. 2011 - Book Publishing as precursor to YM (I learn php)
  3. 2005 - Imran's College Portfolio (VB6 / Electronics / Embedded)
  4. 2001 - IVY's Angelfire Site (html / VB6 / games and apps)
  5. 1998 - Digital Circuits (foray into electronics age 15)

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