Rasmus RasmussonI worked with Imran for a couple of years, on a number of different projects. I found him to be a very clever and highly productive developer, also with good social skills.

Rasmus Rasmusson
Vice President Strategic Marketing Initatives
EF Englishtown

Ramesh RajA Programmer of excellent expertise, Imran stands out as a dedicated individual striving to complete any assignment to the last detail. I am certain he will be an asset to any organisation that he chooses. I hold him in high esteem.

Ramesh Raj

Rajashekar RamachandranIt has indeed been a pleasure working with you, your comprehension and speed is highly laudable! Thanks for making it easy!!

Rajashekar Ramachandran
Last Resort, Coorg

Old Links:
Pre 2021:
  1. 2013 - Port my .net apps to C# (FTPSync, IViewer)
  2. 2011 - Book Publishing as precursor to YM (I learn php)
  3. 2005 - Imran's College Portfolio (VB6 / Electronics / Embedded)
  4. 2001 - IVY's Angelfire Site (html / VB6 / games and apps)
  5. 1998 - Digital Circuits (foray into electronics age 15)

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