Welcome, I’m Imran @ – freelancer - young, dynamic, affordable, and I bring great results. I’ve been developing software, websites and a wee bit of electronics since 1999. I currently run my own, and and am actively promoting IGLC, Living Cities and Build India Group.

I am webmaster for a dozen websites and not-for-profits, consult them on various aspects of content and marketing and want to use my 13 years in Information Technology to the best use of building teams and improving processes and communication in companies. I’ve partnered with Muneer Ahamed, a Filmmaker to interview workers and top management in what we call the Evolving Landscapes project.

Need to make a website? Whether its a simple portfolio or an ecommerce store, or a highly customized wordpress site, we can help you. Our MicroVC works for simpler sites and we incorporate a great splash experience.

Thatís all the websites Iíve made, apart from which is Open Source, along with our WordPress Plugins. I can also make Mobile Apps, initiate and run Marketing and Digital Marketing campaigns, do copy writing & help put your Organization on the map.

Mail or simply call on 9841223313.

To see most of our web applications, visit our /technical/ page. Or Imran’s resume. A brief of MicroViC is given here.

Old Links:
Pre 2021:
  1. 2013 - Port my .net apps to C# (FTPSync, IViewer)
  2. 2011 - Book Publishing as precursor to YM (I learn php)
  3. 2005 - Imran's College Portfolio (VB6 / Electronics / Embedded)
  4. 2001 - IVY's Angelfire Site (html / VB6 / games and apps)
  5. 1998 - Digital Circuits (foray into electronics age 15)

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