Hosting and Freelancing

Websites are written either in plain html or using some programming language. The files and database need to be hosted on a server somewhere. The most common and cost effective is linux shared hosting which is available from However I hate their support. And don’t even get me started on GoDaddy. You can use either of them to BUY your domain and you can use the space on my server for 1200 per year. It’s cheaper than buying hosting yourself, but it IS SHARED with me and I don’t give you access to it. I will manage it for you.

Most websites I build are using the best content management system out there – I also work with for programming intensive websites. WordPress makes maintaining websites as simple as sending email. I keep the programming to a minimum seeking for the most elegant solution. I charge 12-20k INR for a website though bare minimum (especially for causes) can be done for 4k.

See my freelancer profile and my resume.