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make croogo multisite

Making croogo multisite db and theme per domain consists of the following:

Am making the assumptions that db username is same for all sites, only the db will change. Also that the theme cannot be set from the admin panel, the theme with the name of the site will be used.


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cakephp baking

Baking is the way of generating code in cakephp.
You can bake anything from plugins to views.
First create the tables needed. based on where the cake bake command is invoked, the baker automatically connects to the default db configured in app/config and prompts what to bake.
Logically, baking is done in this order. Model, Controller, Views.

See a quick tutorial here or view the original screencast (with ads) or on youtube.

To bake plugins, see here.


displaying tree info


given an item which has a parent of itself, its possible to make this into a hierarchical object format and diplay it using a combination of ul / li.

I’ve developed this in both C# and cakephp (See overleaf), and now in 2015 using Yii (without the Set class). Read more »

web and orm framework


Entities and their maps are managed in Excel and generated using QGen.

  • Entity has Id and auditing columns (created / updated).
  • TableName, fieldNames and Captions are defined in an EntityMap.
  • DBManager (base class)
    • Generates Insert / Update based on Id = default or not.
    • Loads one / list using db reader given constructor as argument.
    • Fluently build DbCommand with sql string and named parameters.
    • Execute command with an expected rows to update and message to throw if rowcount not expected.

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7: quiz web app


Written in June 2008, this application shows multiple choice questions. See the code overleaf.

The input radio controls are NOT runat=server so “qst” + questionNr is used.

The questions are stored in a sqlite db. The answer is inline with the question, which uses a placeholder [options]. For ex:

We would study English if we [go | would go | will go | went] to England.

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