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Posting Geolocation in php using Ajax

This is my first time using jquery ajax and the geolocation library. Also, using cookies.

You can see it in action here: som/geo

And the source code here: gist.github.com/ImranCS/a14c0c7f736fc3364f8a
Hope the code is self explanatory.
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looping in php

Outer and Inner loops are important as seen here:
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displaying tree info


given an item which has a parent of itself, its possible to make this into a hierarchical object format and diplay it using a combination of ul / li.

I’ve developed this in both C# and cakephp (See overleaf), and now in 2015 using Yii (without the Set class). Read more »




Tables: Projects (with Manager and Members), Tasks (per project), Entries (per user, per day)

Supporting: Holidays and Leaves (view driven), TaskTypes (drop down)


  • User sees entries in calendar format (also shows leaves and holidays).
  • Template hacks: timesheet element for navigation. turn off of sidebar since crud screens and calendar are too wide.
  • Admin sees matrix of who has access to which project.
  • Managers get link to managed projects and can see monthly timesheet reports of all members.

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