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pl: 12th camp narrative

12th Camp Narrative (this one was published in the newspaper)
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It was the 22nd of september when I left for the last annual camp of my school life. I soon found out that I was to have the fun of my life. Everything would be just great. We played cards for most of the train journey to Trivandrum.

23rd September. We reached there and were taken by van to our base camp owned by the NAF (National Adventure Foundation) which is about 25 kms from Trivandrum. We all had tents in which to keep our things. We were given time to freshen up and have lunch and then left for an evening walk around the place. We soon came to a temple that had 200 stairs to climb. I was the 2nd to reach the top. We came back later that evening. Had dinner. We then went on this midnght hike through the same place we’d gone earlier only this time, without light It was cool. We went to sleep in great anticipation of what was to come tomorrow. My group of 14 was to go for aerosports – ultralight flying and parasailing. Read more »