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whats the stork bringing us this year

Hi Tracey, I’m home, guess what, I’m pregnant!

No its isn’t Arnold Schwarzenneger in some mutant sci fi movie.
Just Jimmy Messina singing Child of My Dreams, wrap your love around me
Or William Wallace, or Spartacus. If all the heores’ women are sidelined / die, then maybe its better if we have not met yet! Read more »

pl: fiction

I woke up before dawn. Years since I had done so, I thought I must go watch the sun rise. Finding the terrace doors locked, I came back inside crestfallen.

Just before going to bed that night, I started thinking about the beach & all those sunrise watching trips I’d been on with my family as a kid. I decided to go the following morning.

The next day, I awoke even earlier. Leaping into my trunks, I bounded down the stairs & flung myself onto my bike. With an eagerness I hadn’t felt in years, I quickly rode through the chill streets until I reached the Marina.

Leaving my shirt and shoes with my bike, I raced across the sand until I reached the water. The cool morning air over my bare chest caused my heart to stir with excitement. Here I was returning to the place I’d been so many times in my youth – both in reality as well as in dream. Read more »

pl: party fiction

We met at a party, actually on the dance floor. As we danced, we spoke and got to know each other. Our drunken-ness may’ve been part of the cause for the release of our inhibitions, but I’d also like to think because we were genuinely comfortable with each other. We were dancing pretty close & pretty tight. I held her in my arms for nearly an hour as we partied.

During a lull in the music, when couples seemed to be getting into the pool, we decided to try it too. She seemed to find it cold but soon, we found that with my arms wrapped tight around her, she could bear the icy frigidness of the water. I didn’t much mind the cold coz we were making enough heat to battle with it and besides, I’m genuinely fond of water. Read more »