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croogo menu hook

The plugin bootstrapper can add a normal menu just like an admin menu.

All you need to do is add a method to¬†app\libs\croogo.php Read more »

make croogo multisite

Making croogo multisite db and theme per domain consists of the following:

Am making the assumptions that db username is same for all sites, only the db will change. Also that the theme cannot be set from the admin panel, the theme with the name of the site will be used.


.\app\config\bootstrap.php Read more »




Tables: Projects (with Manager and Members), Tasks (per project), Entries (per user, per day)

Supporting: Holidays and Leaves (view driven), TaskTypes (drop down)


  • User sees entries in calendar format (also shows leaves and holidays).
  • Template hacks: timesheet element for navigation. turn off of sidebar since crud screens and calendar are too wide.
  • Admin sees matrix of who has access to which project.
  • Managers get link to managed projects and can see monthly timesheet reports of all members.

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