the worlds friendliest indian

Take a coolio like Munroe, lets call him Burt!
Take an extreme sport like racing, add a pinch of Salt
put it in a Pan and start to stir it with some steak knives
Add a dash of lemon, piss on it if that catches your fancy
serve up on a Lake with a touch of Indian and what have you?

Double Recipe:
Hatch a half dozen ideas from an Animal Farm
Put an architect in charge, add a little bit of extreme sports
Found him in Faery and head out to the Enchanted Wood – lets call the land Fantasia
Mash in a bit of laughter or add some spice from Archies and the like
Ani-Morph him into a Pretender and keep the Swans and Giraffes alive
Throw in a Monkey Wrench and squeeze a little bit of Avionics and Submarining
Some Infinite Perspective Vortex and a small pool for Reflections
Masonry, Harmony and Ecclesiates, Us and Them and Sweet Music where the River Runs
Add some Cathars, Catholics, Essenes and Essays.
Add some XR / XL / XW / XS (Reading Listening Watching and Sharing) to offset the XP (Programming) – call it cselian and yieldmore
Throw aside your shield and wield a battle-axe two handed, dont forget to cry Aure Entulava / Daylight Again!
Don’t forget Timekeeping and Horology (Remember that Night or trip on Gdansk) and what have you?

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