pl: party fiction

We met at a party, actually on the dance floor. As we danced, we spoke and got to know each other. Our drunken-ness may’ve been part of the cause for the release of our inhibitions, but I’d also like to think because we were genuinely comfortable with each other. We were dancing pretty close & pretty tight. I held her in my arms for nearly an hour as we partied.

During a lull in the music, when couples seemed to be getting into the pool, we decided to try it too. She seemed to find it cold but soon, we found that with my arms wrapped tight around her, she could bear the icy frigidness of the water. I didn’t much mind the cold coz we were making enough heat to battle with it and besides, I’m genuinely fond of water.

We began to sway gently to the tune of some old Floyd number (a common favorite) as it came wafting across the expanse that was the lawn. We must have spent more time in the pool than intended cuddled up like that, up to our waists, in the pool because, before too long, I found that she was shivering.

We clambered out slowly from the far side of the pool, and lay down on the grass. We soon discovered the best cure for shivering – cuddling. I still remember that warm embrace of hers, in the delicious cold of the night, as we fought to be on top in our frantic playful tussle on the grass. We found that we’d rolled down a mound the top of which was the pool. Suddenly she stopped with her back on the lawn and looked up and my heart melted as my eyes found themselves lost in the depths of love and beauty that were her eyes.

She reached out to me and I gently lowered myself until our faces were inches apart. We were so close; the cold from our breath caused the other to shiver – not just from cold but also from anticipation. She complained of the prickly grass so we swapped places by rolling over. She held my head in her hands at arms length and we just stayed for a bit like that our eyes locked in mutual contemplation – our minds racing ahead in tantalising expectation. She undid my shirt buttons and slowly bent her elbows till her head was resting on my chest. Both of us seemed to understand that the beauty was in the before – therefore, the slow deliberateness of our action. Not wanting to cover too much ground to soon (from a genuine enjoying of the moment), I undid her hairclip. As her lustrous hair cascaded down, I began to play with it. I just love running my hands through long hair, especially bouncy silky hair like she had.

Lost in a boundless ocean of tranquility and harmony, we began to kiss passionately…

>…Foreplay [only] goes on and on and them we finally fall asleep like that on the grass & wake up to find ourselves covered with a blanket that one of my friends had placed over us when he found us lying there at 4 in the morning… don’t ask me why the story had to end like that, it just did.

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