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Silly little boy lost in his world of dreams. And now he’s forgotten to cry. It used to wash away the disappointment, but disappointment only afflicts the feeble hearted.

And now, theres a fire in his soul. Fire for what? To see atleast a few of his dreams come true.

The injustice of life. But the same hand that wields the ruler also clutches to its bosom the head, when it weeps and is utterly desolate.

Fuel for that fire? Passion? Love? Guilt – that a seed so cast forth should not fall on barren land, but rather should be sowed with care and tenderness.

To soothe the heart when it burns in agony of all the hapless souls who walk the earth. Each scarred by life and so unable to heal themselves.

Why does that fire burn so intermittently and haphazardly?

It doesnt take just wood and a match. So, its a quest for kindling. Something that contains the spark long enough for the flames to catch.

And why does it get put out so easily. For it is young and sees not its purpose whose enormity should instill it with a pride to face a dozen storms.

For after all, its a special wood.

“The brightest flame burns quickest, was what I heard them say”

And it takes joy in giving. Nay, it yearns to give. And sometimes it foolishly lets itself be put out. It only takes a spark to rekindle it but it must first grope for matches in the dark. Dark why, for once again, it foolishly forgets to look towards the light source behind it. Or even to simply light itself from the nearby ones.

For it is so worried about the ones that look upon it for strength. Dreams die first but while we remain valiant and obstinate, its our prerogative to dream.

For once, the silent Thracian’s fury burned with the fervour of a thousand infernos. And his fires kindled the hearts of millions. Shame that he had to die. But his last words… Tomorrow there shall be a thousand of me.

Glory that that time may come. But in between, a few special souls are bred. They are not free from contamination. And until the dirt that makes the flame want for brightness and make it immune to storms, it is of no use to others.

That seems to be the task at hand – purification and strengthening. I wonder how long it will take.

But maybe there are a thousand after all. We just dont all burn together so we dont know it [wink]

Good night and God bless. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life.

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