pl: fiction

I woke up before dawn. Years since I had done so, I thought I must go watch the sun rise. Finding the terrace doors locked, I came back inside crestfallen.

Just before going to bed that night, I started thinking about the beach & all those sunrise watching trips I’d been on with my family as a kid. I decided to go the following morning.

The next day, I awoke even earlier. Leaping into my trunks, I bounded down the stairs & flung myself onto my bike. With an eagerness I hadn’t felt in years, I quickly rode through the chill streets until I reached the Marina.

Leaving my shirt and shoes with my bike, I raced across the sand until I reached the water. The cool morning air over my bare chest caused my heart to stir with excitement. Here I was returning to the place I’d been so many times in my youth – both in reality as well as in dream.

With delectable mirth, I ran into the ocean and nearly froze as my skin came in contact with the frigid water. The initial shock worn off, I began to swim. Soon the sun began to pop out from across the sea. I slowly crawled out of the water & lay on the shore my teeth chattering & my heart pounding with delight. I then got up and ran for a bit to warm off.

After dashing across the sand till I broke out into sweat, I came and lay in front of the sea so that the water continually came up, lapped around me, and then fell beneath my feet. I started looking at the sun as it’s first rays glimmered across the boundless sand began to fill up the sky in a sparkling array of light.

Gazing upon the sun in quiet admiration, I watched as it slowly rose from its state of dark slumber as it began its magnificent journey across the sky. I saw it slowly change hue from red, through orange and to yellow until it became this glowing orb in the air, warming my heart and soul.

As always, the warmth made me drowsy and I nodded off, just laying there, enjoying the cool water and glowering sun.

I awoke with the feeling that I was not alone. I slowly opened my eyes and saw to my right, a girl laying beside me, drinking from the sun, in its morning splendour, in similar fashion, a contented smile playing across her lips.

I reached out and touched her and her smile at once broke into a spontaneous grin. She opened her eyes & turned to look into mine.

Neither of us spoke or moved, both delighted to have run into another like-minded soul and thrilled that we’d both given in to our base desire to spend a sunrise at the beach, that morning, and had met like this.

She reached over and held my hand & I offered her my other. Suddenly she began to splash water on me. I sprang over, held her in a firm embrace, turned over and rolled us both into the ocean.

We struggled playfully as we fought each other in the shallow depth of the calm morning sea. We stood wrestling, and our wrestling soon gave way to screams of delight as we began to splash icy-cold water on each other. Finally having had too much, she walked out of the water and began to run away from me, on the sand, along the water. Not willing to give up the fight so easily, I waded out and began to give chase. After a good minute of running, I caught up with her and tackled her.

We fell on the beach in a slippery tangle of glee. To dry off quickly, I suggested rolling in the sand, but found that she was already ahead of me. Armed with handfuls of sand, she began to douse me with a near continuous shower of it. Tired of it, I leaped up and dragged her down and we began to sand wrestle. Laughing as we wriggled and twisted, we soon got tired and came to a halt, our chests heaving in delight and excitement. I rolled over and looked at her and found that her shirt had come undone. Sensing a change in my mood, she proceeded to take it off. Opening my mouth for the first time, I suggested we go wash the sand off and stood aside to let her go first. Just before she reached the water, I bent down, charged, picked her up and carried her into the rapid onset of an inbound wave.

Caught completely by surprise, she let out a yell.

After rinsing the sand off, I picked her up and carried her out of the water. I laid her on the shoreline, where we’d begun our frolicking a while ago. Wrapped in a tight embrace, we began to kiss. Our kissing soon gave way to an exploration of the other’s body with our lips. I found the salty flavour enjoyable and was lost at sea.

Hearing a whistle, I looked over the ridge separating water from the beach, to see a man walking his dog. Realising the embarassment of being caught, I looked around for her shirt and gestured that she put it on, with a look in my eyes that told her that we weren’t quite done.

We once again washed off the sand and walked across the beach, holding hands with not a care in the world. We reached my motorcycle and I asked her to hop on. I started it and rode off, to continue our episode elsewhere.

Strange as it may seem, that whole incident took place without either of us hearing a single intelligible word from the other. In fact, we didn’t speak to each other until much later that evening. She told me that she kept expecting me to say the first word and I guess I was too enthralled! Dumbstruck! Spellbound!

Anyway, we soon realised that we had been sub-consciously communicating with each other without the need for verbal expression and do still enjoy long spells of silence, packed with understanding and talk.

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