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There is practically no original thought under the sun. Let me try and interpret some of the things I’ve learned

Almost all ideas are borrowed but we dont come to storytellers for their characters, we come to them for their scripts-

Life is about learning to live between moments of bliss unless of course one has attained Moksha – the state of eternal contentment.

It is also about learning to find out the things that bring peace. And adapting our minds to allow us to experience contentment more often. Then comes the realisation that we are always in the mood we choose to be in. As we begin to se the error of our ingrained mental conditioning, we come to know that it is possible to feel whole for almost the entire day.

And when those days stretch into months and years, we find ourselves having lead a fruitful life. How to seek this true form of living – it begins with a quest of the self.

‘B’ is the first letter of the word Bliss. This seems to accord with the famous words I am (a conjugation of be). Strangely, Richard Bach chose to call his god ‘Infinite Radiant IS’. These seem to indicate that the secret to life may actually be in the living – the present. Stop thinking of the past & living for the future – just be what you are and do what you want to do now.

One thing I’ve found important is the ability to feel passion. The ‘passions’ are contentment, fury, impulse, wonder, enthrallment, hunger, fear, hate & love. There’s more but these are all I can think of, some writer I am…

By fury, I mean something that burns within your soul – something that would carry you through hell and back.

Impulse has to do with the ability to give in to direct orders from your heart. It is almost synonymous with spontaneity.

Wonder and enthrallment are are also synonymous in usage – they are an expression of the captivability of your being.

Hell is something I do not personally subscribe to but I understand its need in religion – or atleast think I do. Heaven is an incentive and Hell a deterrent. What I dont understand is why they had to separate the two from our lifetimes coz thats precisely what heaven and hell are – states in our lives that we live in, by our own choosing. Yes, if we live in Hell, it is because we have chosen to, and we constantly on remaining here because we are unable to think God might not actually mind us living in heaven.

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