prostration in islam

Your body receives a huge amount of Electromagnetic Waves daily.
You get this from all the equipment that you use.
Also from electrical lights that cannot be switched off even for an hour.

You are charged with Electromagnetic Waves throughout the day.
You have a headache and feel uncomfortable / lazy / pain.

When you feel this way, do not forget the solution:
A non muslim scientist from Europe concluded the best way to remove these positive electromagnetic charges.

Put your forehead on the ground more than once so that it will discharge the charges.
This is similar to the grounding of buildings.

What makes this research more amazing is the fact that:
* Best is to put your forehead on the sand.
* The best way is to point to the center of the Earth so the discharge is more efficient.
* And Mecca has been scientifically proven to be the center of the Earth, the Kaabah is the exact center.

So prostration (Sijdah) in your prayers is the best way to discharge harmful electromagnetic signals from your body.

It is also the ideal way to be close to the Almighty who created this Universe in such a creative way.
It is good to trust His commands to always be for our best.

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