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In our as yet unborn organization is a place for people trying to improve their Quality of Life either by seeking solutions (Users) or being Auto Correcting (Players) and Giving Souls (Pillars). Read more »

Yield Contributors

Simplified from: Yield Channels

1) Feminists, Statesmen, Mothers, etc
2) a) Parents, b) Healers, Caregivers
3) Heroes, Players, Lawkeepers
4) Builders, Architects and Engineers
5) Artists, Poets, Bees of Flow
6) Aviators, Explorers, Cartographers
7) Philanthropists, Humanitarians, Utopians
8) Scientists, Quality Engineers, Re-evolvers
9) Gamers, Radioheads, Progressive Rock n Rollers
10) Pacifists, Flower Children, Forerunners
11) Educators, Teachers, Fathers and Creatrixes
12) Sadhaks, Elves and Cosmic Fathers

Yield Channels

1) One World, Gaia and Feminism

Feminists, Statesmen, Mothers, Beacons and Historical Figures

2) Wholistic Loving, Parenting and Animal Husbandry

Healers, Caregivers, Obstetricians and Delivery Managers

3) Supermen and Superwomen

Heroes, Players, Dharmists and Lawkeepers Read more »

What is Yield

Still unclear? even after looking at everything below?

This is the 3 line version:
preserving whats good for us to pass on to our children
in terms of good movies and reads, good ideas and prescriptions to problems
taking us to that future painted so well in star trek will be an online website where content comes from users and will fall into the areas mentioned in the Mandate. Read more »

free our treasures

Dear Christopher Tolkien, Richard Bach et al.

I’m a curious mix – body of a Moslem, mind of a Hindu, heart of a Christian. I recently turned 30 and came to visit America, and found myself pregnant with a healthy baby girl, due for delivery August 15th 2014.

Fostered with love by my Fellow Americans, I wish to make known my trinityAurobindo, JRR Tolkien, and George Carlin. Fantastic fertilizer for ripe minds. I’ve come to know them intimately, since about the same year I was introduced to Curious Lives Read more »

one world summit

Dear Fellow Human Being,

To requote an old sentiment:

Peace on Earth is a 1939 MGM cartoon about a post-apocalyptic world populated only by animals. Two young squirrels ask their grandfather on Christmas Eve who the “men” are in the lyric “peace on Earth, good will to men.” The grandfather squirrel then tells them a history of the human race, focusing on the never-ending wars men waged.

Read more »

Yield Goals

Don’t think of these as goals of one organization, think of every NGO born and yet to be born as being part of the every day is your last initialive.

– Facilitate the future that Gene Roddenberry, Creator of Star Trek projected for us all so well
The five fold dream of Aurobindo and Indias gift to the world
– being better persons, parents and transforming children faster
– Survive our technological adolescence and get rid of over commercialization (also mindlessness)
– Integrating with our technologists (HSMP) and making them push the envelope
– Non secularism, inter community dialog / harmony
– Drawing out the docets, speakers, volunteers, donors and developers
– Making spinoffs and supporting other organizations as declared in Dear Brother
– Leading the free our treasures in space movement (inspired by OSS, FSF, Bill Gates and the like)
– Helping 3rd world countries reach the bar and Truly Becoming ONE WORLD
– Advocating reduced non-vegetarianism and humanitarianization (Keeping in mind Carlin’s saving the planet Tattvam)
– Leveraging technology as a means of evolution and using it to make NGOs worldwide more efficient.
– Embracing dynamic quality and TQM in every nook and corner of the world. Respecting static quality systems and making them coexist. See Metaphysics of Quality
– Forgiving our parents and the system, and helping laterally as well as upwards instead of only the poorer. (Think Kahlil Gibran and The Prophet here)

Anything else that isnt crystal clear from the Roadmap

Yield Roadmap

* Conception: 15th October 2013 (30th bday)
* Gestation Period: 10 Months

Play Begins: Week of Nov – Dec
Beta Ready: 22nd December 2013 (13th year in the Art of Programming)
Cross-Geographic Chapter Launch: Feb 2nd week
European Chapter Launch: Feb 21st
First Abrahamic-Oriental-Pagan dialogue, Beta2: March 22nd (equinox) Read more » Mandate

YIELD is an anagram for Every Day Is Your Last.’s byline is:
If you treated every day as your last,
– what would you know, learn and do
– who would you think about or work with

Disclaimer: The whole concept is strictly bounded by a copy-left licence. No body will EVER be able to use these ideas in a money making venture. We will run on donations like MediaWiki (Wikipedia) and strictly have no ads except internal ones.

As an Organization, we are committed to bringing you the right information to help you declutter your life and find a wholistic approach to living. To help do this, our site will be divided into areas (some backed by projects) that will serve the purposes listed below. Each Idea (item in an area) will be called an Artefact. Read more »

Yield Content Guidelines

Anyone is welcome to contribute to any of the various areas.

We map our content to the type of user you are (Parent, Philosopher, Artist) since this helps streamline the usage and lets you browse *anonymously* with maximum benefit.

There are a few considerations and these are:

  • Queen’s English We will use the Queen’s English. The reason for this decision is that many of the works we plan to have will be from Old English and from the Commonwealth. Also, just to get a little counter-culture vibe going.
  • Read more »