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Render Family Tree from Simple Text goes many levels and uses hierarchical data with left and right nodes stored.

For +65, I wanted something simple that can be entered easily. It also supports showing family for spouse.
You can see it in action at sixtyplus
Below is the source code for parsing and rendering (uses tables)
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Posting Geolocation in php using Ajax

This is my first time using jquery ajax and the geolocation library. Also, using cookies.

You can see it in action here: som/geo

And the source code here:
Hope the code is self explanatory.
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my first jsfiddle – a password meter

http: //

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Things that you would want to pray for appear as moving blurbs on the screen.

Configurable as a screen saver, this page will give you a chance to casually reflect on your prayers.

For the moment, its a static html page.

This will be expanded into a website where the words can be configured, the background colours and maybe the option to set background music.

It will also run on a few novel principles.

Data is stored in the form of cookies only. No need for a login.

For when your cookie is deleted / you switch machines, you will get an email each time you make a change which contains the link that has the data compressed.

php Img Optimizer

Sometimes we find that the images we have on the web are larger than we would like them.

It is helpful in this case to recursively scan a folder, pick out all files larger than our certain threshold and preview them (as thumbnails), resizing the ones we want to.

If the files are ridiculously large in the first place, we may want our preview to be of a resized thumbnail. Credit to Simon Jarvis for his component.

Some of the challenges are:

  • Scanning recursively and resizing images as we encounter them takes too long and the script times out.
  • Paging would solve this, but we cannot page items in a recursive scan. The thresholds may differ from page load to load.
  • Flagging files to skip.

croogo menu hook

The plugin bootstrapper can add a normal menu just like an admin menu.

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new criteria on postback

Assume you need to have a webform where any number of criteria can be added. Criteria is a set of input fields and N number can be added.

We can use an asp-repeater for this. The problem is catching the add button postback and retrieving 1-n sets of fields from the input

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web design do’s

This post originated here.

Tips for Layout


Tips for UI

KISS => imageless css design (it’s precursor was css zengarden)

Updated 2011: I think what I meant to say was, this is how I would like to develop presence.