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Render Family Tree from Simple Text goes many levels and uses hierarchical data with left and right nodes stored.

For +65, I wanted something simple that can be entered easily. It also supports showing family for spouse.
You can see it in action at sixtyplus
Below is the source code for parsing and rendering (uses tables)
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Jquery noconflict

In WordPress, jquery is configured not to define the $ variable since it may conflict with other libraries.
You are therefore encouraged to use jQuery(document).ready(…

But we are all creatures of habit and thus may prefer to use $. So simply add this line at the top of your js file / script tag

if (typeof($) == ‘undefined’) $ = jQuery.noConflict(); // added by to use in wordpress

Posting Geolocation in php using Ajax

This is my first time using jquery ajax and the geolocation library. Also, using cookies.

You can see it in action here: som/geo

And the source code here:
Hope the code is self explanatory.
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looping in php

Outer and Inner loops are important as seen here:
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my first jsfiddle – a password meter

http: //

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cleanup gmail mailbox


Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Create a copy of this sheet in your Google Docs account.
  2. A new Gmail Menu will appear in the sheet after about a minute. Select “Reset Canvas” from the Gmail menu to initialize your sheet.
  3. Accept the authorization screen and then choose Grant Access to let Google Docs access your Gmail Inbox. This is completely safe because your own Google Docs account is requesting access to your own Gmail account (see source code).
  4. Once the permissions have been granted, choose “Scan Mailbox” from the Gmail menu to start the scanning process.

Sit back and relax as the last step may take time depending on how big your Gmail mailbox is.

Grace a:

QGen Lite

QGen uses string.format to generate code. It can be replaced with T4 but still has its own charm.
I rewrote it today stripping it to bare essentials. You can also see it on
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learning to code

What do you want to learn?
Programming in general / making websites / making mobile apps?

There are 4 aspects to being a software solution developer
* Concept – what to make / how it will work / who uses it?
* Design – can you leverage whats in practice today – are you good with images and colours, have you a good understanding of usability?
* Familiarity with Platform – how are you going to build it?
* Programming – an ability that you gain from experience / familiarity with a language. A simple way to start is with a set of programming exercises and also seeing how things are done.
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starting a project

Approach to starting a new project – c. May 2013

Understand functional goals
Consider options to achieve – choose best option with the functional and technical goals

find high risk areas and try to do POCs (proofs of concept) early to mitigate them
look at usability, UI guidelines etc
find types of development task (list form, crud form, report, admin section)
consider non functional requirements

remember rules (try not to reinvent the wheel) and patterns
and antipatterns – golden hammer – using a golden hammer for everything
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Win7 – temp profile

What happened to me was that I deleted my own profile just to get a new clean one and all of a sudden Windows 7 complains about Temporary Profile. It didn´t matter if i Rebooted or anything. I alway got a Temporary Profile.

I solved my problem by going into the registry and delete the effected profile’s subfolder under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

After that all was well again!
– Jesper Bernle