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Gonna try and love again

What baser need than hope? In a dichotonous universe, every question is a two edged sword. At the end of ‘a river runs through it’^1, is mention of how very difficult it is to give loved ones what they need. We dont know how, and they dont need what we love, or dont know how to take it.

To be a successful giver, its a matter of changing perspective. Help must always be on the receiver’s terms, else its only a case of bullying. And we all know that’s an egoistic stance, and courting with disaster. How many steps from frustration to Anakin ^2.

Frustration and helplessness, borne from misapplication of good intent. But such is not to be our lot.

You may not be able to speak spirituality to one who is hungry, but what of food for the mind, something to warm the heart, and antidotes to all our poisonous thoughts? If we wait till the patient’s hunger is sated, we may never be able to recover the fragile mind and the broken spirit. Read more »

out of the blue

Somewhere deep within us is a fount of love and longing. A longing to fulfil many inner desires. Cravings for things to do, ideas to share, places to go, hurdles to overcome and joys to find.

Sometimes we meet a body and that fount is released. We find our hearts lightened, our inner desires coming to the fore, our resolve braced, our spirit soaring. We find the strength to face our destiny, the courage to ask for happiness.

A moment’s thought for those who have not this special gift, but unable to keep ourselves from our happiness, we delight to throw ourselves to this exploration of our deepest desires, this letting go of all restraint, ecstatic to be a part of someone elses life, knowing that we have touched them in quite the same way as they us.

Love racing forward to some pre-ordained destination. We live in the glow of our lover, our spirits entwined, giving our dreams reign, fulfilling all our heart’s desire.

A bond forged, a gauntlet thrown, we see ourselves fast changing, losing inhibitions, daring to wrest from life every last desire that would make us complete again. We dare again to live our dreams and watch helpless as this love runs it’s course.

Spent at the end, we fall back to complacency, lose our pluck and let the humdrum bog us down. But we never forget the feeling and brave our hearts against the winter, knowing that spring shall come and our spirits soar again with the eagles.

Time and again we’ve watched our soul break out, unfettered and complete, to explore a new joy, forgetful of our weariness and grateful to have know if only for a time, the heights to which a seagull can reach.

gratitude for partners

Lord, what a wonder this life, what joy to live those experiences long wrought by Thee for us.

To be first children, viewing the world as wondrous, exploring it and finding those hidden treasures You left along the way.

Learning to take the bad with the good, learning that You have given us guardian angels to see us through. Giving us the power to dream as we grow up, and the ability to make those dreams come true. To give us a life and smile when we complain at the little things, knowing that one day, we will realise Your largeness of heart and the richness of life.

Then You bless us with friends as an extension of our families and we reach a new height. Just as we grow happy and grateful, You send a partner to us. A person with whom to build a home. To share life and watch it unfurl. To test our resolve and courage and forge the best in us. To help us when we falter, to give us purpose and focus our character. To share future joys and sorrows.

And children You send, to make us learn responsibility. And to understand the bliss our parents knew when they raised us. Helpless to watch as they lead life in their own unique ways, laughing as they remind us of ourselves. Carrying our hopes forward a generation.

You accomodate every kind of person in this act of being, enriching our lives with Your grace. Watching as we discover the bounties You left for us, carrying Your spirit through our trials and reaping their rewards. Content as our relations deepen, our partner’s personalities complementing our’s. With our children on their way, and us at last with time to turn to Thee, to praise Thy name for life was your gift to us.

With hearts lifted, we at last understand and bow to Thee, our Creator.


no less brittle

Whens the last time an Atheist paused in his reckless abandon at being free of his shackles to accept the notion that everything religious is not moot.

Or a firm monotheist with no particular convictions think about the validity of everything he despised.

Is it really so hard to reconcile our differences? To accept that each ones truth is simply that – his own. No less true for respecting the other for it. Read more »

acute empathy

Is when people you care about hurt themselves. Day in and day out. Where was Moses when god said Love Thyself?

Is watching a dog cower and bolt away when you go near it for fear of humans.

Is wanting to watch the sun rise, and having no one to share it with. Or feeling lazy. Or both.

Is when people put themselves out of your reach. And when you mean well. Sometimes its fear of reproach, lack of courage, ignorance, misunderstanding or just bad timing. Why do living creatures do that?

Is knowing that all your life, you’ve been looking in all the wrong places.

Is knowing that God has a divine plan, he just hasn’t told you what yet.

Is watching people in their ignorance, tread over everything you hold sacred, violating it.

Is to wake up one day and find… No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

Is when you watch a cartoon and have to laugh, because otherwise, you’ll cry.



What is the purpose of experience? To remind us of who we are.

Why do we choose hardship. So in the end, we can wonder that we can still remain in essence what we were. That nothing really changes. Good is still good and all the illusions can be forgotten.

What part of us evolves? The part that recognises us for what we are and that can render an impartial judgement on our actions. Why is impartial important? Because we are so unforgiving with ourselves. Why is that? Because we feel the world is in essence stacked against us and that being especially harsh with ourselves is the only way to survive.

What is the way to the path of healing? To forget our criticism, always looking at things slanted. To live in joy and peace. To assimilate each experience in the spirit in which it was intended. Understanding our limitations and being more tolerant of them. For have we not come a long way from inanimation and isnt it still a long way to the sublime?

What then is the purpose of joy? If suffering were indeed meant to carve a way for our soul to follow. Then joy must be the direct result of that suffering. A way to alleviate the spirit of its woes. To remind it of its true indestructible, indomitable nature. To glory and peace and love.


elephants, ants and mountains

Make peace not war!

BUILD – for selves, children, family, country, and the inner spirit who so lovingly puts us in communion with god. Build / learn / explore while in kindergarten, school, college, work, running a family, looking after our teams, companies and societies. Build for your country and your invisible man! Busy as ants, BUILD like theres no tomorrow. “I fear tomorrow I’ll be crying” – Epitaph by King Crimson

BUILD for your SELVES! Build for your LOVED ONES! Build for your UNIVERSE! Build as ONE! Read more »