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thank you england

I was there in 1997 when Elton John sang “goodbye englands rose”, my niece is British and so are many of the loveliest people I know (the likes of David Gilmour, George Harrison)

Dear Lionhearted,

With Zebras to symbolise the black and white lessons you taught us as you spread the truly catholic message of One World.

Our center (Greenwich) literally, industrially, poetically and symbolically, for it is truly English that unites us. Read more »

Introducing Sophia

Dear beloved members of my cosmic family,

If you happened by, you may want to consider getting on our list Sophia – the place for religiosity, not religion. Cause we don’t ever want to be singing *losing my religion*, instead focusing on Our Similarities, nor do we ever want to have a reluctant Messiah or have to burn anyone at the stake. All that is PAST – in the DARK ages. Theyre over now, Jesus and Mohammed helped us get over them. Read more »


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What has America taught the world? Well everything the British left out?
What did the British leave out? Well stuff the Japanese taught us… ad… absurdum…

America taught us
– To love thy rocks and rills, thy woods and templed hills
– as I touch my foot upon this fertile soil, I feel the source of our creation! (jimmy messina / its all right here)
– and to every other beautiful shrine in this world, its the place where religion is so alive and well
– where heroes are born everyday and are proud to be of one higher calling (Green Lantern) Read more »

whats the stork bringing us this year

Hi Tracey, I’m home, guess what, I’m pregnant!

No its isn’t Arnold Schwarzenneger in some mutant sci fi movie.
Just Jimmy Messina singing Child of My Dreams, wrap your love around me
Or William Wallace, or Spartacus. If all the heores’ women are sidelined / die, then maybe its better if we have not met yet! Read more »