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confusion wont be my epitaph

And with dust in throat I crave -> Only knowledge will I save -> To the game you stay a slave..
And the Earth becomes my throne -> I adapt to the unknown -> Under wandering stars I’ve grown
By myself but not alone -> I ask no one…
And my ties are severed clean -> Less I have, the more I gain -> Off the beaten path I reign
Buddhist, Catholic, Dharmic, Islamic -> Call me what you will! -> And you will, yeah!

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what makes tracey tick

When thinking about past loves and Richard Bach’s magnetism trick a few years ago, I realized enough time had been wasted flogging dead horses.

Love would be better served by looking to the future and imaginging attributes and setting expectations.

Like the Princess of Fanstasia, she needed a name, so I dipped down memory lane and thought of that haunting old character from Wilbur Smith’s Diamond Hunters which I had read some 10+ years ago.

Tracey van der Byl, step brother and lover of Johnny Lance. A contender could have been Jennifer Cavilleri (daughter of Phil) but never was, much as I loved Love Story.

Why Tracey, I dunno – ask Johnny. something about the way he went through it all. The duo made an indelible impression on me. And I can still remember the part where I was helplessly crying in my grandmother’s house when Jacobus tells Johnny – get out of my nest and FLY cuckoo – apt words then, more apt now as I think to that Holy Father up above.

What makes tracey tick? Guess I will have to meet her to find out 🙂

The guy from before my Trinity

NB: Also read the title as “early influences” or “key differentiators”.

Variety is the spice of life.

Stacked one on top of the other, I have 3 parts of me – Islam, Vedanta and Christianity (read that as peace, knowledge and love). No part can survive without the others.

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the worlds friendliest indian

Take a coolio like Munroe, lets call him Burt!
Take an extreme sport like racing, add a pinch of Salt
put it in a Pan and start to stir it with some steak knives
Add a dash of lemon, piss on it if that catches your fancy
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