Blood on Call

From Today Onwards, ‘104’ is going to be a special number for blood requirements. “Blood On Call” is the name of the service.. After calling this number, blood will get delivered within Four Hour in a radius of 40kms.. Rs.450/ per bottle plus Rs.100 for transportation.

Render Family Tree from Simple Text goes many levels and uses hierarchical data with left and right nodes stored.

For +65, I wanted something simple that can be entered easily. It also supports showing family for spouse.
You can see it in action at sixtyplus
Below is the source code for parsing and rendering (uses tables)
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Jquery noconflict

In WordPress, jquery is configured not to define the $ variable since it may conflict with other libraries.
You are therefore encouraged to use jQuery(document).ready(…

But we are all creatures of habit and thus may prefer to use $. So simply add this line at the top of your js file / script tag

if (typeof($) == ‘undefined’) $ = jQuery.noConflict(); // added by to use in wordpress

Blood Cancer Treatment

Medicine for BLOOD CANCER has been FOUND !!


Its available FREE OF COST at “YASHODHA Hematology Cancer Institute in Pune.

Yashoda Hematology clinic. 109, Mangalmurti complex, Hirabag Chowk,
Tilak Road,

020-24484214 or 09590908080 or 09545027772 or visit for appointment.

Imran: I am putting this up as a reference for future, but
the flip side is that it may not be too effective:

Posting Geolocation in php using Ajax

This is my first time using jquery ajax and the geolocation library. Also, using cookies.

You can see it in action here: som/geo

And the source code here:
Hope the code is self explanatory.
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looping in php

Outer and Inner loops are important as seen here:
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RMI Framework

The Return Management and Investment Framework is a model I came up with in December 2012 for collaborators to get returns on their investment of time into a project and a share in the profits.

Let’s suppose its A’s Brainchild, B is bankrolling it and C is spending his time developing the system.
Since each is going to spend time bringing the project to fruition, they must first all come up with an hourly rate, a remuneration fraction and an expenses fraction. Also, percentages of the profit for each person are to be decided.
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The Contender

Joan Allen: My church is this very chapel of democracy
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wings of a dove

when jesus went down
to the waters that day
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prostration in islam

Your body receives a huge amount of Electromagnetic Waves daily.
You get this from all the equipment that you use.
Also from electrical lights that cannot be switched off even for an hour.
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