Essays to a Swan

This is a collection of impassioned speeches to my fellow humans.

Swan, for that is the translation of Hamsa, the ‘royal swan’ of the soul floats in the cosmic ocean, beholding both its body and the ocean as manifestations of the same Spirit, and a play on Soham.

I will go chronologically for those of you who would like to check for updates.

Essays to a Swan
what makes a writer tick
Islam not Atheism
Gonna try and love again - to live, love, while the flame is strong || youd better look before you leap still waters run deep
Dear Brother, of both Kindreds
musings interrupted - monumemts and development
love thy self - how to heal
to live, love
reminders to advance the soul - love, healing and ideas
gratitude for partners - a prayer about a life fulfilled
pl: poetry – amore - first poetry - to rekindle a zest for life
no less brittle
experience - indestructibility of the soul


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