What is Yield

Still unclear? even after looking at everything below?

This is the 3 line version:
preserving whats good for us to pass on to our children
in terms of good movies and reads, good ideas and prescriptions to problems
taking us to that future painted so well in star trek

yieldmore.org will be an online website where content comes from users and will fall into the areas mentioned in the Mandate. Read more »

Yield.org Mandate

YIELD is an anagram for Every Day Is Your Last.

Yield.org’s byline is:
If you treated every day as your last,
– what would you know, learn and do
– who would you think about or work with

Disclaimer: The whole concept is strictly bounded by a copy-left licence. No body will EVER be able to use these ideas in a money making venture. We will run on donations like MediaWiki (Wikipedia) and strictly have no ads except internal ones.

As an Organization, we are committed to bringing you the right information to help you declutter your life and find a wholistic approach to living. To help do this, our site will be divided into areas (some backed by projects) that will serve the purposes listed below. Each Idea (item in an area) will be called an Artefact. Read more »


Keep following your highest sense of right (Curious Lives by Richard Bach).
You can only teach us best what you most need to learn for yourself (paraphrased).

Some of us love where you go. Remember the trip is still worthwhile even if its only for you.
Don’t worry about bad reviews. We respect your sincerity and it will catch on soon enough! Read more »

the good fight

If this were a movie, I would be seen in my defining years as being wounded by another limb of this many headed dehumanising monster. Then all through my life finding and fighting it in my many little trials – first trials of recognition, then of character, minor skirmishes and finally – this post. This witnessing can be friends, news, movies, books, astral travel (not quite there yet) etc.

Just like Leonidas in 300, I’m no longer that inept little boy anymore. Bring it on! I’ll get to Thermopylae if I have to.

Like Alexander said, in the end, we all go to the grave with our hands bare. It’s what we can do for our hearts and our inner peace that matters. Read more »


writer trapped in a programmer’s body


I’m Imran, 32M, raised and living in Madras and have been an electronics hobbyist and programmer since high school.

Working as developer for the past 10 years, I spend my spare time watching movies, reading books, coding for fun and trying to get back in shape.

My blog has a few objectives.